The Basics of Online Baccarat

April 13, 2018 0 By Karl Istobias

It is very easy indeed to play baccarat. You do not really play at all and the cards dealt are not yours. You only make wagers. It is like betting on a sports match: you wager on which side you think will win even though you are not a participant. You can choose to bet on the player’s hand, or not.

At the beginning of each hand, you must make one of three wagers: 1) player, 2) banker, 3) tie. Two hands will be dealt – the player and banker – and the hand that gets the highest score wins. In baccarat, the highest possible score is 9 since two-digit figures are not recognized and 10 counts as 0. Just so you know, A, 2-9 all bear their face values while the court cards and 10 have no count.

The dealer will assess which hand wins. If you wager on the player and win, you win even money. For betting on the bank, you are also paid even money minus a 5% commission for the casino. A tie pays 8 to 1 in most cases.

Basic Baccarat Odds

Baccarat has the lowest house advantage in all casino games, barring advanced playing techniques. This is one of the reasons why baccarat’s reputation for being a rich man’s game is not entirely deserved.

House advantage measures in percentage the theoretical return for the casino. Bets on the player hand return 1.24% of wagered money to the house. That’s quite low. But banker hand bets have an even lower house advantage: 1.06%! What that means for each individual player is that even if you play baccarat for a long time, your losses will be small. Just avoid the tie bet since this is one of those “loser bets” in the casino.

Big Baccarat and Mini Baccarat

There are two types of baccarat played in casinos. Baccarat or big baccarat is found only in VIP areas in the house. The stakes are higher and players come well-dressed with a ton of money to burn. In big baccarat, players can deal the cards on their own. This is not the case in mini baccarat which is supervised fully by dealers.

Baccarat has never been as popular as other card games like poker and blackjack in the United States. However the story is different in Macau, the gambling capital of Asia. In Macau, baccarat tables occupy some 80% of the casinos.

Origin of Baccarat

Baccarat is Italian for the word “zero.” There is reason to believe it originated in Italy as game played with Tarot cards. In fact, it appears that Tarot itself was created in this country (not Egypt as many think). The Tarot was a deck of cards in which occult and mystical teachings were hidden. Noble families had their own Tarot decks designed for them. in Tarot, the number 0 is quite significant. Baccarat may have been a game played to disguise the true purpose of the mystical deck.

Whatever its true origin, baccarat can now be played by everyone in online casinos. Baccarat is also known as Lucky 9. Play baccarat now in the most honest, reliable online casinos today! Visit our sponsors now!