The Baccarat Prestige and its Origin

Baccarat is without a doubt the most prestigious card game that you can find. Once you enter a casino, you will most probably find it somewhere in a secluded region of the casino where only high rollers are to be admitted. But where does this prestige come from if there is any prestige anymore?

The true origin of the baccarat game is, as every game, unclear. The French and the Italian are still fighting for the original origin, but the earlier recorded versions of baccarat can be found in Italy. It was in the Italian Middle Ages where the first form of Baccarat appeared. It was in the 1480s when the first version of Baccarat was born, as rumor has it, out of a tarot card set. It is also said that the title of First Baccarat Player is being credited to Felix Falguierein.

Many say that the origin and development of Baccarat was Christian in nature, but the more accurate data reveals that it was a probably Pagan folklore involving Gods who prayed for a blond virgin. This virgin held dices and the result of her throws would decide her fate.

Even though the French try to claim having invented Baccarat, records show that Baccarat was introduced by the Italians to the French. The French then called it Chemin De Fer. This happened in the 1500s and once the game of Baccarat became popular enough in the high courts, it immediately spread out to the Riviera where it became a popular casino game. In France, Baccarat was only played by the beautiful and wealthy people; no commoner was ever seen having played such.

Baccarat went from France to Argentina in the 1950s, where it landed in the upper echelon casinos. From there, Baccarat traveled to Florida’s rich and wealthy casinos to Cuba where it became famous before Castro gained political power. It remained in Cuba until 1958 where Francis Renzoni discovered the worth and prestige of Baccarat and then brought it to Las Vegas. It was of course in Las Vegas where it truly prospered, but also where it became a common game open to all social strata.

There were still high roller Baccarat version but these were played behind velvet ropes and you have to have a high social status to even be able to snatch a coveted place. Over time, the Baccarat rules were modified and changed and resulted as what we now know as Baccarat. The last ladder that Baccarat had to climb was the virtual ladder, and today, many online casinos also offer Baccarat, the game of prestige.

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