Responsible gaming proposals

July 19, 2018 0 By Karl Istobias

The social gambling risk can be proven by a recent prison investigation where a third of female interiors and at least a quarter of male interiors admitted to have gambling problems at the time of their convictions. Surveys performed in prison facilities are just one of the many related gambling problems that can be scored. For this reason, gambling provisions should be reframed and recognize further that social damage creates. The proposals have been presented to promote responsible gaming. Among them is the creation of different settings on different gambling classes, the disruption of casino growth , the limitation of the spread of gaming machines to only nine in new sites, the replacement of gaming authorities by a commission, the participation of the Communities themselves in the licensing of new and current gaming machines, the prerequisite for developing policies which would reduce all reported gambling damage and the obligation for gaming operators to shoulder expenses for gambling problems.

But, the question is, are these proposals enough to ensure real and substantial protection? The weakness of all these current protection proposals and provisions is that no proposal has yet been presented that directly guides gambling decisions especially on the new gambling mechanism. These new game tactics are those that are developing and proposing the biggest threats. These new social risks of playing pose not only mechanisms but also is a new risk of lifestyle, whose consequences are perhaps as adverse as alcoholism.

Moreover, the following adverse effects and emissions of gambling and gaming-related problems have not yet resolved from the proposals mentioned earlier:

The women of ?? I’m always more research assistant with problems related to the game. ?? the show playing at youth, which shows that more and more youth from ages 16 to 24 is playing their money away with these new games, especially slot machines. ?? the ever converting value of gambling from a regular leisure activity to fulfillment, to socialize, sustain a noble cause and escapism to trauma and poverty. ?? the dangerous effects of gambling in such a way that pathological gambling may be worse than any other addiction because of its destructiveness to individuals, personal economy, family and community. The ?? who plays problems not only affects his life, he has socially and financially its adverse effect on others, both. With monetary boredom, the players of

It should further be proposed that communities already be affected by many gambling problems are involved in levels belonging to political development, licensures and regulations, distribution and management of all gaming facilities. They are those who already know the consequences of gambling problems and should know better and a certain non official who puts up a face to try slightly to solve the effects of gambling.